A collection of new work and old favorites.

Wiimix Design Reel 2014-15 from Wii Yatani on Vimeo.

Much more to come...

Along with design and motion graphics, I truly enjoy filming and editing. It enables me to explore other forms of storytelling and creative processes. From vignettes to vacations, there is nothing like capturing the emotion from behind a lens. Visit www.wiimixfilms.com to see my work in photography and film making.

Greece-Honeymoon Teaser from Wii Yatani on Vimeo.

Stay fresh. Make something you love. This is an ongoing personal project. More info coming soon...

GE has an immense impact on countless industries around the world: from aviation, healthcare, energy, consumer products, among many others. The challenge was telling this story without making GE feel like a massive, indifferent, corporate giant. To make the .com "friendlier" and humanize GE, a soft, visual design language was established along with telling stories through brand pillars and localized information.

This is a motion graphics spot I created for Axe's new campaign Axe Anarchy: The Graphic Novel. It's the first graphic novel created in real time by a community of facebook, twitter and youtube users. I used a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects. Some of the bigger 3D animation with the cans were taken out last minute as label artwork were still getting finalized. This project went on to win a One Show Gold Pencil, IAB Mixx Award and was shortlisted for a Cannes Cyber Lion.

Axe: Anarchy the Graphic Novel from Wii Yatani on Vimeo.
I headed up design and direction for the new redesign of THQ.com. The creative vision was to really push the design from a safe, corporate looking site to something bold and immersive that represented the future of the brand and it's dedication to publishing only top notch video games . A real focus was to display the content in an editorial-inspired manner so that users could digest content and information in a more engaging way

Dentsu reached out to us to design a website for a top secret product launch for Canon. Being a huge Canon enthusiast already and proud owner of a 5d Mark II, I was extremely excited to be involved. I designed a site that was big and bold to not only reflect the industry-changing announcement but to really showcase all the C300 had to offer. Inner pages outlined the strengths and intricacies of the new Cinema EOS line, giving users a look into the rich history of Canon's picture capabilities and why it should be taken seriously with it's entry into the hollywood market.

I created/pitched styleframes for a TV show called "Get Schooled" with gunshop.tv. The show was about apprenticeships and life-learning. It followed a group of individuals and how key moments, such as first learning to play a guitar, help change the course of their lives. The show dealt with various topics from music, politics and pop culture. The visual approach was based on the idea of fractured time and space of an individuals life. The photos, which were historic flashbacks, were connected throughout time and strung together. This presented the opportunity to go both forwards and backwards on a "memory timeline."

Metroid: Other M is the 11th game in the historic series for Nintendo. I was tasked to create a website that dove deep into the cinematic, never-before-told story of bounty hunter Samus Aran's past. Unlike most action game websites, the design tone was a sophisticated, minimal approach that really focused on the character and story line. I handled concept, design and spent a lot of time in After Effects and Cinema 4D creating motion and 3D assets. The site was localized for 3 languages and an HTML companion site was created for non flash and Wii browsers.